UK NEQAS Chemistry

Many schemes offer services for several tests or investigations. These can be listed by using the Search page. If you cannot find a test, send us a Feedback enquiry.The following schemes are in this domain:

BNP - Laboratory Based
BNP - Point of Care Based
C- Peptide
Cardiac Markers
Cardiac Troponin I - Laboratory Based
Cardiac Troponin I - Point of care based
Cardiac Troponin T - Laboratory based
Cardiac Troponin T - Point of Care Based
Cholinesterase Investigations
CKMB (activity) - Laboratory Based
CKMB (Mass) - Laboratory Based
CKMB (Mass) - Point of Care Based
Clinical Chemistry
Downs Screening in the First Trimester
Faecal Haemoglobin
Faecal Markers of Inflammation
GFR Estimations
Glycated Haemoglobins
Insulin - like Growth Factor - I(IGF-I)
Insulin- like Growth Factor Binding Protein - (IGFBP-3)
Interpretative Comments in Clinical Chemistry
Lead & Cadmium in Blood
Lipid Assays
Maternal Serum Screening
Myoglobin - Laboratory Based
Myoglobin - Point of Care Based
Newborn Screening
NTD & Downs Screening in the Second Trimester
NT-ProBNP - Laboratory Based
NT-ProBNP - Point of Care Based
Paediatric Bilirubin
Peptide Hormones I
Peptide Hormones II
Pregnancy Testing (Urinary hCG)
Quantitative Phenylalanine
Salicylate, Paracetamol and Ethanol
Specific Proteins
Steroid Hormones
Sweat Testing
Thyroid Hormones
Trace Elements
Tumour Markers- AFP, CEA, hCG
Urinary Catecholamines & Metabolites
Urinary Orotic Acid
Urine Chemistries
Urine Dipstick Testing
Vitamin Assays (Carotene and Vitamins A & E)