UK NEQAS Genetics

Many schemes offer services for several tests or investigations. These can be listed by using the Search page. If you cannot find a test, send us a Feedback enquiry.The following schemes are in this domain:

4 Haemato-Oncology
B or T Cell Leukaemia Lymphoma (formally ALL)
Blood/Fish Postnatal
Clinical Cytogenetics
Fanconi Anaemia
Lymphoproliferative Disease (LPD)
Microarray/Array CGH (Pilot EQA)
Molecular Genetics
Molecular Rapid Aneuploidy (MRA)
Molecular Rapid Aneuploidy EQA
Molecular testing on blood spots
Myeliod Leukaemia (AML, MDS, CML)
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis using Microarrays (pilot)
Sample Swap EQA for rarer genetic diseases