UK NEQAS Microbiology

Many schemes offer services for several tests or investigations. These can be listed by using the Search page. If you cannot find a test, send us a Feedback enquiry.The following schemes are in this domain:

AAFB Microscopy
Antibiotic Assays
Antifungal Susceptibility
Anti-HBs Detection
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing
Blood Borne Viruses
Blood Parasitology
C. trachomatis and N. gonorrhoeae
Clostridium difficille
CMV DNA Quantification
Community Medicine
Diagnostic Serology (Acute Hepatitis Screen)
Diagnostic Serology (Exanthem Screen)
EBV DNA Quantification
Faecal Parasitology
Faecal Pathogens
General Bacteriology (Identification)
Genital pathogens
Hepatitis B DNA Quantification
Hepatitis B Serology
Hepatitis C RNA Detection
Hepatitis C Serology
HIV Serology
HIV1 RNA Quantification
Immunity Screen
Interpretative Comments
Measles and Mumps IgG Serology
Molecular detection of Human Papillomavirus
Molecular Detection of Mycobacteria
Molecular Detection of Viruses in CSF
Mycobacterium Culture
Parasite Serology
Rapid Diagnostic Techniques for Malaria
Rubella IgG Serology
Superficial infections
Syphilis Serology
Throat infections
Toxoplasma IgM Serology
Toxoplasma Serology
Urinary antigens: Legionella
Virus Identification