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Copyright statement and policy
The UK NEQAS name and service mark (logo) are owned by the United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS) registered Charitable company. Use of the name and logo is restricted to member schemes complying with the UK NEQAS Code of Practice and authorised distributors.

Use of the name or logo (or closely similar derivative) by any other body or individual is strictly prohibited.

The UK NEQAS Consortium asserts its ownership and copyright of all material on this website.

Any individual or organisation which shares the educational and scientific aims of UK NEQAS may copy material from this website for personal use or study without restriction. However, permission must be sought from the UK NEQAS Office if any material is to be published in any form or presented at any public gathering. Permission will normally be granted if an appropriate statement of attribution is included and the material is presented intact.

Linking policy
As an independent, charitable, professional organisation concerned with the quality of clinical laboratory investigations, UK NEQAS is happy to co-operate and collaborate with sister organisations and societies in laboratory medicine and related fields. Links from this site may therefore be made to appropriate bodies. The UK NEQAS Office will endeavour to email the opposite number when a link is made.

Any individual or organisation which shares the educational and scientific aims of UK NEQAS may place a link from their web site to this, providing the site contains no content that would bring UK NEQAS into disrepute, interfere in any way with its aims and objectives, or affect public or professional perception of its activities. Webmasters are requested to email the UK NEQAS Office when the link is made. If the linking site is considered suitable, a reciprocal link from the Links area of this site will be made.

UK NEQAS can not be responsible for the content of linked sites.

Contacts policy
Contact information is provided for the use of bona fide persons seeking information about UK NEQAS services or contributing information of relevance to its service and/or objectives.

Use of contact details for any other purpose without permission will be actively opposed.

Medical advice cannot be given to persons making contact through this website; please do not seek it.